Boeing 737-700 - almost 6 hours flying time


Must be a new plane being delivered.

There’s a photo on that shows extra fuel tanks in the cabin for these kind of flights


I saw your query just after noticing DLH436 coming in to ORD from Dusseldorf. I was surprised to see that it was an A320. 737 and 738’s do Transcons that go nearly 6 hours westbound fairly often. I don’t know if they have to lighten their load or not, but mid-Europe to mid-USA in an A320 must require some compromises, no? -Jan near CID


This is an all Business Class Flight.
Only 50 Seats (iso 180 for Charter Flights) are available.

The price is somewhere around 4000 plus Euro (Dollar) one leg.



Since the flight originated at Boeing Field and had no history, I thought it might be a new aircraft. It’s heading for the Marshall Islands today.


Don’t forget the fact that it is a Chinese 737 operating between Seattle and Hawaii. Dead giveaway of a delivery flight.


Though this might be a ‘delivery flight’, don’t assume it must be a new aircraft. The plane could have been purchased from a previous owner and delivered to Boeing for updating, refurbishing, and customization.

I agree on the likelihood of ‘delivery’, but not necessarily that it’s a new aircraft.


Again, anything Boeing like this, I’m the one to ask!

CCA060 was B-5220, a B737-700 on delivery to Air China via Honolulu, Majuro and Saipan, which is the usual route. Two days earlier, its sister B-5203 delivered as CCA058, which is the usual Air China delivery callsign.

You might be interested in reading this thread. It’s the Boeing delivery sheet so far for January.


Thanks RobK.

So is the delivery sheet new aircraft only, refurbs or a combination of both?


Thanks for the reference URL, Rob K. A cool page with lots of info! :smiley:

Jeff, it appears that Rob’s list is for both new and refurb aircraft, judging from this item on the list:

“Shanghai’s B752 B-2808 was converted to a freighter at Precision Conversions at PAE during December and departed PAE 040106 for Honolulu.”


Majority are new builds, but if other info comes to hand then I’ll post it. Anything flying under a BOE callsign gets my interest and I have contacts at Seattle to tie them up if I don’t know them myself. :slight_smile:



All of the 737NG’s have a range of over 3000 nm so a 6 hour flight is something that is easily done, even at gross weight take off. I’m not saying, however, many airlines do schedule 6 hours flights in these aircraft.


The following flights are scheduled ( to fly over 5.5 hours. All times Eastern

SWA2912 ORF-LAS 12:15 PM-5:45 PM
SWA1691 BWI-SAN 9:35 AM-3:15 PM
SWA162 BWI-LAX 9:15 AM-3:10 PM
SWA486 BWI-LAX 6:40 PM-12:40 AM
SWA472 PHL-LAX 8:50 AM-3:05 PM
SWA185 PHL-LAX 6:00 PM-12:15 AM
SWA1976 ISP-LAS 10:40 AM-4:25 PM
SWA267 BDL-LAS 3:00 PM-8:45 PM
SWA560 PVD-LAS 8:05 AM-2:00 PM
SWA768 ALB-LAS 2:30 PM-8:00 PM
SWA815 MHT-LAS 7:20 AM-1:10 PM


On February 19th, A Southwest flight (SWA560) from
Providence (PVD) to Las Vegas (LAS) was completed
in 6 hours 49 minutes. So they can do it.


Aloha flies 737-700s between the mainland and Hawaii. Normally the flight is about 5.4 hours but with high winds, it can take 6+ hours.


Alaska flight 17 MIA-SEA (2,724 miles) a 737-890 is the longest scheduled 737NG flight currently on the books, the flight has an estimated flying time of 6hr 7min but routinely takes almost 6.5 hours to complete and has come very near the 7 hour mark a few times, this flight has never had to make an enroute tech stop for fuel and it leaves at near max gross every day.

Aloha’s 737-700 ETOP’s Hawaii flights from the west coast along with Continental and Southwest’s cross country’s come very close to covering the distance of the Alaska flight and they don’t stop for fuel either.

In contrast; Jet Blue’s west bound cross country A320 flights have to make technical stops fairly often due to headwinds, the A320 is a poor choice of equipment for these long routes if you ask me.

Also, don’t confuse gate-to-gate times with actual flight times (wheels up to wheels down) like the PVD-LAS SWA flight, the actual time aloft for this flight is usually well under 6 hours and just barely over 6 on only a couple of occasions in the last 6 months.


I thought the times listed on Flightaware are indeed wheels-up
to wheels-down regarding the PVD-LAS flight. I thought I remember
that from Flightaware FAQs.


I apologize and should have looked at that flight track.

SWA560 is scheduled (gate to gate) for 5:55 but took 6:49 (air time) that day to complete.
This aircraft had to be very near bingo fuel, the max endurance for the wingleted 737-700 is just 7.5 hours (to complete fuel exhaustion) with a normal pax load at long range cruise speed

It looks like Feb 19 was a very windy day across the U.S many of the west bound flights had difficulty with the trip.


not a problem. It says you are relative new to the site. Welcome.


Lots of long (>6h) 737 flights. For example:

 COA348  | B738         | KEWR   | KSFO        | 06:16:00
 ASA17   | B738         | KMIA   | KSEA        | 06:14:00
 AAH481  | B737         | KSNA   | PHNL        | 06:12:00
 AAH481  | B737         | KSNA   | PHNL        | 06:12:00
 SWA343  | B737         | KPHL   | KOAK        | 06:11:00
 AAH481  | B737         | KSNA   | PHNL        | 06:10:00