46 Minute delay for lavatory hatch?

I was just about to get on a plane to LGA from IND and they announced the flight is taking off at 12:45 instead of 11:59 because of a broken lavatory hatch. How long does it take to fix one of these things?

Not long, once
a) you find a mechanic
b) he finds the new part.

46 minutes entirely reasonable.

It’s entirely dependant on the scope of the repair…plus a few minutes to sign off the paperwork.

I would think a 46 min delay at LGA… today… will put you ahead of schedule.

And also if they Brazilian-made latch is in stock. CHQ6001 didn’t do to bad.

The flight arrived only 3 minutes later than average even though our departure was delayed an hour so I consider myself lucky. There were a lot of delays going into the New York airports and to Philadelphia because of low clouds. I was wondered how close we were to landing and then surprise! out pops Flushing Bay.

and thanks to the mechanics, that Embraer had a flushing bay as well!

I didn’t need my glasses to see that one coming 8)