Delta 767 expedited decent due to electrical problems

Yesterday, I flew from Newark to Amsterdam on a delta 767-300. The plane was recently refurbished with new equipment and new seats. Fortunately for me, I was in first class and it was lavish and enjoyable. However, 3 hours into the 6 hours and 45 min flight, the cabin lights went out and 3 toilets began to foment with smoke and became unusable. Immediately, the pilot and the cabin crew through cold water down the toilet and the pilot came over the PA and announced that everything was fine. At the time of the announcement, we were just south of Greenland with just about 3 hours left. However, as we got closer to Amsterdam, the pilot sped up the aircraft and announced that no breakfast would be served and so sure enough, we still arrived early and yet we departed late. Could this fault be possible due to the new refurbishment of these old 767’s?

More than likely due to an unexpected increase in his tailwind which in turn caused his arrival time to be early causing a landing clearance problem unless he could expedite his approach to land ahead of a heavy traffic time period or to have a gate opening available, otherwise he could be stuck on the tarmac for hours.