Real time delay

I am currently working on my computer at home.
On hearing the roar of jet engines I look outside and clearly see
a quad jet with Lufthansa logo overhead.
We decide to check Flight Tracker for LH492 and it shows the flight to be 48 minutes from YVR.
Our location is less than 3 minutes flying time from YVR.
Next Lufthansa flight to YVR is LH476 a good few hours later.

Security considerations aside why such a long real time delay.

Thank you.

This happened at 2:19p Pacific / 21:19 UTC?

Passed overhead at exactly 2.05p/14.05 Pacific .

I’d guess it was a different airline you saw rather than the Lufthansa flight, or a different Lufthansa flight to an airport further south.

edit: Maybe you saw BAW87, a 747 which arrived CYVR at 2:10p Pacific?