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Why does flight info change from actual to something wrong?


Family member is on this flight which took off from LAX at 4:05pm, the duration was 9hrs 55mins. I set up an alert for this flight that confirms the 4:05pm departure. Family member said doors closed at 3:40pm. Originally FA showed duration of 9hrs 55 mins.

Now after watching the status for 45 mins, the departure time is showing 3:41pm and the flight time of 10 hrs 55 mins.

Why did the flight stats change?


From the tracklog, it seems like there was 10 hours 05 minutes flying time and 10 hours 44 minutes from gate to gate .


In the track log it is stated that FA received the information when the aircraft left the gate from Lufthansa.

Might very well be that they used the average time the route takes until it was in the air.
Then Lufthansa could have transmitted their estimated arrival time that will include the winds aloft on the planned route.
Or they some other way tried to improve their prediction once it took off.

That is the gate departure. Takeoff is listed as 16:05.

Maybe the German translation of the page is lacking? I’m using it in English.


Thanks to both of you, gate vs flight time. I guess I haven’t noticed that before. Also didn’t know I could look at the track log - helpful.

Regarding this track log and this particular flight, any idea what happened at
Sun 09:45:01 PM ? Sudden increase in speed and a change in direction. I watched it ‘live’ and didn’t know what was going on.


Which timezone? :slight_smile:

You are probably talking about this:

| Time(UTC)  |  lat  |   lon  |track |spd| alt  | Reporting Facility|
|Mon 05:42:06|56.7000|-52.4167| → 84°|510|37,000| Level| Gander Center|
|Mon 05:44:01|56.8333|-52.1333| ↗ 49°|490|37,000| Level| Gander Center|
|Mon 05:45:01|56.9500|-52.1833|↑ 347°|630|37,000| Level| Gander Center|
|Mon 05:51:23|56.9833|-50.1000| → 87°|490|37,000| Level| Gander Center|
|Mon 05:54:38|57.1000|-49.3833| → 73°|500|37,000| Level| Gander Center|

Well maybe bad data from Gander Center?

Edit: actually looks like more or less real data.
I wouldn’t trust the ground speed increase although that could happen due to winds.

I’m not sure if that position has radar coverage. If it has it could be a short delay vector to assure proper spacing on the following oceanic track.
That is pretty routine, controllers give the plane a turn and send them back on track after that. This delays them of course so the following area without radar coverage they have proper spacing to the plane in front of them.


After taking a look at other traffic at that time (in a replay that displays all planes on another website) there is no reason for such a turn.

Also look at the timestamps, there is a 6 minute gap from 45 to 51.
Pretty sure they lost radar coverage while gaining it shortly after. And shortly before losing radar coverage Ganders radar apparently wasn’t very precise detecting them slightly north of track making it look like a turn.

So nothing out of the ordinary. If you see ADS-B as a reporting facility the data is normally better than all the other data sources.


Thanks wiedehopf, and yes that is the blip. Thank you for the explanation.