Flight status of severely delayed flights

My first post on this forum; sorry if what I’m asking is well-known to others (I did try the FAQ page).
I’ve been checking the flight status history of QF62 (Narita-Brisbane), having been booked on a flight on 9 April that was eventually cancelled and left about 26 hours later (as QF62D). It seems that this flight generally has a pretty good flight time and (more importantly) arrival time.

However, by scanning the full list of QF62 flights available on the site, I notice that there are no data for the flight on 9 April (the flight that QF didn’t announce as cancelled until after the scheduled departure time!); there are also no data on the flight scheduled for 7 June.

Looking at QF61 (BNE-Narita), it shows the 9 April flight twice – (1) as 0.49h duration; (2) as “diverted”. This flight, we were told had mechanical issues and never left BNE.
QF 61 on 7 June is simply missing - do I assume that thaT means “CANCELLED”

What happens to the data for severely delayed flights?

Prof Henry

I’ve split your question into a new topic since your question was not related to the API programming question you chose to add it to. I’m not certain, but it doesn’t sound like your question is even API related

The QFA62 flight on April 9, 2016 does not exist on FlightAware because a formal flight plan cancellation was not transmitted by the airline, so the flight record for that flight simply expired because it never departed as scheduled.

Because Qantas chose to re-file the flightplan with a different flight number, the flight that actually operated can be seen here:

flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA … /RJAA/YBBN

Thanks very much, BovineOne.
Sorry about posting to wrong topic - newbie error.
Can you help me interpret the other flight on the same route that is missing form the data? QF61/62 on 7 June?

I appreciate your help


The June 7, 2016 QFA61/62 flights were also expired because it did not depart and no formal cancellation was sent by the airline. I don’t have any further details I can provide you about that flight.