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Flight history 29th of March 2020


Just looking for the history of 2 flights I can’t find. If anyone can help out that would be great.

Flight 1
Airline: Virgin Australia
Flight No.: 833
Aircraft: 737
Departure: Melbourne, Australia 10.00 am
Sunday 29th March 2020
Arrival: Sydney, Australia 11.25 am
Sunday 29th March 2020

Flight 2
Airline: ANA
Flight No.: 890
Aircraft: 789
Departure: Sydney, Australia 12.55pm
Sunday 29th March 2020
Arrival: Tokyo, Haneda, Japan 8.30pm
Sunday 29th March 2020

The last date that there was a Virgin Australia flight 833 was 27 of march.
The ANA flight number from SYD to HND that I found was 880.
Here is the flight for 29 of march:

Are you sure that those flights have taken place?
Edit: I saw in another source that the ANA890 flight for 29 of march had been cancelled.

I thought they might have come up as cancelled rather than showing nothing at all for those dates. What was the other source?

Here it is.

Flights that were already listed as departing in the near future on Flightaware that were then cancelled, were marked as cancelled.

Flights in the future that were already cancelled before Flightaware had listed them didn’t get added and then marked as cancelled, they simply didn’t get added at all.