Flight schedules by airport and day date


I need to let my customer choose their flight number from a list they will see after they will enter their flight date and choose the airport.
The list should include all the 24 hours flight on the airport and day they chose.

What data do i get by query your API?
I need flight number, arrival time.
Optional is departure airport and country they are taking the flight from.

is it postback as JSON?

Is such query count as one query?


You can query AirlineFlightSchedules with a start_date = now and end_date = 24 hours from now to see all the airline flights scheduled to depart or arrive at an airport. That will give you the scheduled flights, but not any information on delays, etc. If you need to have the delay or actual arrival/departure times then you could use the Scheduled/Arrived/Enroute/Departed methods depending on which information you need. Those calls do not have the country of origin just the origin and departure airports. You could make an additional call to AirportInfo to get the location of the airport if that was required.

If you make a rest call then the response will be a JSON object.