Flight Feeder auto software update ?


while checking on my FA ADS-B stats page i noticed that the software on my feeder changed from 7.5.1 to 7.7.0 , is it a bug on the stats page or does my FF installs updates automatically

FlightFeeders are remotely managed and we upgrade them remotely as needed, yes.

If FlightFeeder are remotely managed, does that mean you can access the internal network?

The network that it is hosted on? Yes, the FlightFeeder can access the network that it is hosted on (for obvious reasons). You may want to put it in your DMZ or a similar less-trusted subnetwork if that’s a problem.

I don’t like that you have acess to my network, does the FlightFeeder work behind double nat

Sure, if it has outbound connectivity to the internet.

the next update can you include live tracking map on the flight feeder since the back lit display stays on all the time

If I added the FlightFeeder on my DMZ, are there any issues that can arise? Is that limiting the access of FF to my network? Not that I don’t trust it but… better safe than sorry.
I see that the Skyview still works.

A FF should be fine in a DMZ. It needs to be able to make outgoing connections towards the FA servers, but otherwise it doesn’t need anything in particular.

I thought my network was safe until a friend bet me $100 he could hack it in less than 5 minutes with nothing but a cellphone,I laughed and said “easy money”.Within 3 minutes,he was looking at the videos of my weather cameras.Morale of the story:there are some VERY smart people out there.