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FlightFeeder remote restart

Is it possible to restart Flight Feeder remotely? Sometimes GPS information is out of sync and requires a manual reboot to fix the problem, as I am often away from the location, remote reboot would be really helpful.

yes you can.

First log in to your account on flightaware

Second locate the cobwheel on your page
Reboot remote 1

Then select the option to reboot the Piaware software
Reboot remote
Select the appropriate command and press the send button

In order to do this “allow manual updates” has to be enabled in the software.

I am asking specifically for FlightFeeder.
Where you have Device Commands I have "FlightFeeder updates are managed remotely by FlightAware. "

Ah, that changes the solution indeed. F type devices don’t have that ability indeed.
I must have overlooked that in my previous answer sorry.
As far as I’m aware you can’t reboot is it remotely then but maybe someone from the flightaware staff can answer that for you.

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Can you send details of the GPS problem to adsbsupport@flightaware.com? We’d rather fix the underlying problem rather than plaster over the cracks.