Flight DL35 have incorrect data


It seems that DL35 have incorrect data. For one the flight has been arriving almost daily but the system shows that it has not done so since Nov. 29th. Also Dakar’s airport code is DKR (according to Delta’s website) not OOY.

Any help to fix this will be appreciated.


Welcome to Flightaware!..i can answer one of your questons. the airport code on this website is not the same one as with the airlines websites…i figured that out while searching london airports…it is the same however for USA airports


Unfortunately data on inbound international flights is inconsistent. Some days we’ll recieve the flight plan, tracking data, and an arrival message, other days we won’t.

GOOY is the correct ICAO code (used by aviation authorities/air traffic control) for Dakar-Yoff-Lopold Sdar Senghor International Airport in Dakar, Senegal; DKR is the IATA code (used by airlines/travel agents).


Thanks to CltFlyer and Mduell for the quick responses. I did not expect to get a reply so soon.


For a list of ICAO and IATA codes, see airport-technology.com/icao-codes/