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Flight to airport that isn't open

Here’s an odd one… QTR728 currently has a destination airport of DIA/OTBD. That airport had been closed to commercial traffic for 6 years. The correct destination is of course DOH/OTHH.

I’m mostly just curious…how does this type of error happen?? Did someone at one of the data sources type in the wrong airport code? Maybe there was a drop-down and that was the first Doha airport listed. Or was there some automated process that caused it?

It’s generally upstream sources getting it wrong. In this case the schedule data had a destination of OTHH, but a later flightplan update via the FAA claimed a destination of OTBD. It’ll probably correct itself as the departure time gets closer and we start picking up info from other data sources.

I just realized that it’s happening for many Doha-bound flights, every day. Can anyone tell what source is providing the bad data so we can wake them up? It’s rather annoying that I need to go into my system every day and correct it.

I believe it was determined that the FAA was sending us those incorrect airport codes, but they also ingest data from multiple other sources so it may or may not have been their fault. A support ticket was opened with them about it.