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Doha Airport Transition

The IATA code ‘DOH’ has shifted from OTBD Doha to OTHH Hamad International Airport.

Any idea when OTHH will be implemented in FA?


DOH / OTHH status updates are not available. How come?

I sent an email to FlightAware, since I had trouble posting in this discussion. I hope they do not mind - I am quoting from their reply:

*…Thank you for contacting FlightAware! I am sorry you are experiencing these issues.

For the status updates for DOH, it is out of our primary coverage. FlightAware’s primary service area includes airspace operated by the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto RIco, and Guam), Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France. Flights in the primary service area support real time maps, departure and arrival information, delays, and more. Therefore, we currently have not received any information regarding update information for DOH…

This is also a test - to see if I am able to post to this discussion.