Airport Code Fix


I happened to notice that FlightAware has the aiport code in Dakar, Senegal as GOOV. The Airports name is Leopold Sedar Senghor Int’l Airport. The real aiport code is actually GOOY, is there any way that this can be fixed?


This is the result of the airport GOOY being aliased to GOOV in one of the databases the FAA’s ETMS/TFMS systems uses. This issue should be resolved after July 31, 2008 when the effected database is scheduled to be updated.


How about PACV & KACV?
PACV correctly shows Cordova, AK in the orange header, but the rest of the info on that page is for KACV (Arcata, CA).
PAYA (Yakutat, AK) has no info at all.