Flightfeeder: Wrong airport on the detailed flight log

I finally managed to temporarily repair and run my brand new flightfeeder. I figured that the USB cable inside was damaged and had come off the port on one end.
However, now Ive noticed another issue - although I’ve updated my location and the airport on my dashboard, the logs on the flightaware site still report my airport code to be KIAH (Houston). How do I correct this?


We have opened a case on your behalf in efforts to resolve your issue. Please refer to your case # 42151

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Having the same problem. My nearest airport is set to CYYZ, but the log is showing KLKP.

Me too! I’ve jumped across the pond from Oxfordshire to Houston.

Seems to be back to normal now for me.

Fixed for me too, thanks!

I’m having the same issue as well, my feeder finally gets recognized and it thinks I’m nearest to EGLW when I am actually pretty much right next to KOXD.