Flight departure help



SWA2690 was operated by Florida One today (N945WN)


I would like to know when it leaves PHX.

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Unfortunately, the PHX airport doesn’t have a flight status board online. So, I went to the Southwest page. I found that WN2690 arrived at gate C11 at 20:35.

My next step was to pick random cities from PHX that used gate C11 after 20:35. I used a combination of FlightAware and the Southwest flight status page. I found flight 2868 that departed gate C11 30 minutes later (WN’s usual turnaround time) at 21:05 to SJC. This is probably where Florida 1 went; however, due to last minute aircraft changes it may not have been.

Now that you know the procedure I took you can apply it to other similar questions.

2 tips:
Don’t use “Today” in a posting unless you actually mention the date.
USE INFORMATIVE SUBJECT LINES!!! A much better subject line would have been along the lines of "where did this aircraft go after PHX?


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You’re welcome -and, if you are using Firefox with its built-in spell check, remember this: Spell check ain’t always your friend: I hope you meant it was really helpful and my info was a relay to something else. :smiley:


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