Flight Aware Schedule API | User Account Support


Hi Team,

We are a registered member of your Flight Tracking API services with a username “ rstieservices”.

The APIs have been integrated successfully and have made it live at our end.

Our requirement is to fetch the flight numbers and timings for various airports on the basis of Origin and Destination airports. Basically we are using your Schedule API.

We want to know if we should continue using Basic Plan or shall we switch to Premium Plan. Our requirements for using schedule API is as follows:
• Concurrent Request Handling - Example: If 10 customers are on our website and make schedule request at the same time then will it be covered in a BASIC Plan or not.
• Display all Possible flight numbers - Example: When a customer enters origin and destination airport and date then hitting the schedule API should return all possible flight numbers and should not restrict to limited results.

Looking forward to your response.



If you are using FlightXML2, then there are no concurrency limits, however your usage will be billed based strictly upon the number of total requests that you make, which can fluctuate greatly if your website traffic changes a lot. https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/pricing_class.rvt

If you are using FlightXML3 (Beta), then there are concurrency limits (Bronze is 10 queries
per minute) however the pricing is billed by bundled number of queries per month, which provides you with more predictable and lower-priced bills.

The website account tiers of Basic, Premium, Enterprise, etc do not have any impact on FlightXML (2 or 3) usage and only impact your usage of the website. https://flightaware.com/commercial/premium/