AirlineFlightSchedules API with too many flights

I’m using this API (AirlineFlightSchedules) to get scheduled flights from specific and unique airport between two dates (start date and end date).

In the result set, I noticed that have too many flights, due to some stop counts (I need all unique flights arrivals on Airport M, and not flights from Airport A, which stops on Airport B then go to the Airport M. Just wanna know flight arrivals from Airport B to Airport M).

Do you guys know if there is another API to get this, or if I have to implement this on my side? Or if there is a specific multiple API calls on different endpoints to achieve this?

Unfortunately there isn’t another endpoint within FlightXML2 that can do this due to the way we handle multi-leg flights. There would have to be some implementation on your side to filter out the unwanted results.

You might be interested to take a look at the V4 commands within GET airports which I have linked below as there has been some improvements as to what can be called in regards to non-stop/one-stop flights.

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