Newbie question (Basic account http request)


I just registered, but did not find the answer to the following question:
Do I need a “real” / paid account (API Key) for requesting flight info?

I just would like to stay with a Basic account (http Basic auth) requesting flight information (lat / lon / ETA) every now and then.


Is this possible?

I just found requests with user and password (API Key).
And the API key requires payment.
Thanks in advance.


For occasional users the FlightXML 3 free Starter plan would be the best option. This allows 500 requests a month that can deliver common flight data. Even with a free plan all requests must be authenticated with a valid username and key.


Thanks for your lightning fast response.:grinning:
So that means, even with a billing address. I will not be charged and blocked if 500 calls are exceeded?

EDIT: Never mind - found the information.
Sorry for that :slight_smile:


Is FlightXML 3 stable enough to use in production apps? I found discussions from 2014 mentioning version 3 Beta, it has been in Beta almost 5 years?


The up time and background data sources are the same as FlightXML 2.

However, when compared to FlightXML 2, only a portion of our planned functionality is available for access. Aspects of the FlightXML 3 service should be expected to change between now and the official production launch


Okay, it seems like your API isn’t all implemented then? I’m looking at this:

The block times are all coming back nil? But some of the estimated/filed times look like are actual times?


To receive block times please make sure the following conditions are met when making queries.