Flight Schedule Data

Hello all… Received an email from FlightAware last night to tell me that the introductory pricing on my AeroAPI3 account will expire at the end of the year, so thought I’d better move over to V4.

My website allows entering a future flight by date & flight number, that flight then gets tracked. At present I use the FlightAware schedule data to look up the flight details (origin, destination, schedule data). Doing some digging today, it appears that API V4 has no schedule data extending further than 2 days into the future.

Am I missing something, or is this functionality discontinued?

Hello, you can use GET/schedules/{date_start}/{date_end} to search schedules available up to 1 year in the future and 3 months in the past. I have attached the link to the documentation for this specific endpoint below.

Thank you for that, seems to be working!