How far in the future can I get data about a flight?


It’s, actually, a two-fold question.

First of all, let’s say that I am told that a client arrives to Vegas on 6th of September, and has a flight number “xyz123”.
How can I check if a flight number is legit?
My idea is to just do a dummy check if I can retrieve any data associated with that flight. If there’s any data, then it means that this flight exists.

Now to the second question.
Is it possible for me to check if this flight actually arrives to Vegas on 6th of September using the API?
If no, how far in the future can I see if this flight arrives to Vegas?

Is there a way or a workaround that would give me a possibility to confirm that a certain flight arrives to a certain destination on a given date?

Thank you.


Airline schedules up to a year out (some airlines only publish ~6 months out) are available in the AirlineFlightSchedules method.

You can check both the flight number and origin/destination with the information returned.


And to find out what time the flight actually departed/arrived you can use FlightInfoEx ( … ightInfoEx)