FlightInfoStatus find flight by date


Hi, i’m using FlightXML3 API and I’ll try get flight status info on specific date in the future. You have to use two requests: AirlineFlightSchedules to get departuretime and FlightInfoStatus with params: DLH2150@ departuretime. But it’s always error = “flight not found”;

Could you explain how we should use your api to get flight status info on specific date in the future!

Thank you!


How far into the future are you trying to get the flight info?


One week after today.
Can we get scheduled flights info for the year ahead with AirlineFlightSchedules?


FlightInfoStatus will only return flights that are within approximately 48 hours from now (sometimes less), since it depends on starting to receive the first data messages about the flight.

AirlineFlightSchedules has data about planned airline flights for several months into the future (typically up to a year), but there is greater uncertainty about flights that are a year into the future.