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Flight Aware member endorsements

I’m wondering if the management has ever considered linking the members endorsement to the reason for the endorsement. I know this might be a bit intensive for some of the endorsements. But for specific ones like a photo with 50,000 views or a photo featured as a staff pick. Endorsements are a pretty nifty feature of the web site it would be nice to be able to see the photo that has received 50,000 views or the FBO review a particular trusted member has posted, etc. It would add another recognition factor. Just a thought.

I kind of agree with this. If a particular photo is a staff pick, it would be nice to see an endorsement symbol by that photo. It would be a ‘badge of honor’ as well as letting the photographer know which image is the staff pick. Also, the endorsement for a photo being included in the newsletter by the actual photo (when being viewed) would be useful as well. Right now, the only way a photographer can know which image is being featured in a newsletter is to actually receive the newsletter. And, the newsletter endorsement, as is the staff pick endorsement, is awarded only once so multiple photos could show this as being staff picks or being in the newsletter even though the actual endorsement will show up only once on the endorsements display.

…I agree as well – strongly…I do have a “50 000 views” image but don’t know which one it is…am thinking it was the Asiana Boeing 777 that crashed in SF, but I don’t know that…

You have two that have 50K+ views - flightaware.com/photos/view/4070 … ews/page/1 I sorted by size to see which ones had the most. Nice shots too, as are others you have taken. It would still be be helpful to have to an endorsement on the photo page. Maybe one day the powers that be will make that change.

…oh my goodness…didn’t know that – (two 50k images)…and it was the Air New Zealand “All Blacks” and a Singapore A380 taking off – a picture I would have processed “differently” today…looks flat, but the auto-conversion to sRGB causes or exacerbates that unfortunately (I’m not a “friend” of “sRGB”)…now I feel I need to go back and re-process it… : )

…yes, a link to reveal what image earned this or that would definitely be nice…

…another thing that is great with FlightAware is the automatic e-mail alerts when posts have been added to a thread…very, very nice – keeps it “vigorous”…and lively and current…airliners.net (for example) doesn’t have that and that’s one reason I rarely go there…

outward – …I forgot to that thank you for your nice words (about my pictures) – didn’t mean to be rude…it was much appreciated…AND for finding that I had two images (with 50k views) and which ones they were…I wouldn’t know how to do that… Thanks!