Badges and Staff Picks


I’m fortunate to have the badge “Uploaded a photo featured as a staff pick”. I was curious to see which one of my pics was the one which was responsible. So I started looking through the pages. My question is…well I guess I have two. Can the staff provide a link on the “User Page” to that picture. So one might know which picture was responsible for the honor? Also while I was looking through the staff picks to find mine I noticed numerous repeats. Is that an accident or planned?
By the way I did find my pic!


There shouldn’t be any repeats, do you have an example?


Not specifically. It seems it may be due to the random nature the pics are arranged on each page. Using the previous 30 next 30 page selection on the bottom of the window I started on the last page this morning to try and duplicate what I was doing yesterday. When i saw a pic I thought repeated I would reverse the direction and page back through to find the repeat. The best example was 963SS appeared on 689 684 and 688. But I couldn’t duplicate the repeat. Its hard to pin point an example because you are relying on your memory to find a repeat. Some pics stay in your mind. There are repeats the pic of the Cessna being towed on the runway occurred on page 684 and 689. Its probably a non issue and hard to fix due to the random arrangement on the pages. You probably don’t have time to thumb through each page to find the problem. I was doing it just to kill time yesterday. Didn’t mean to create a problem.


I see what you’re talking about. I too had the exact same photo show up on three different pages with the exact same number of views and votes. Went back in the second time and there was only one photo of the aircraft. Just something that happens.