Photo upload

I’ve attemped to upload some photo’s recently, and am greeted with the error indicating that that file had already been uploaded. It hasn’t, because even if I change the file name to something that has certainly nevver been uploaded, I still get the error. Suggestions?

The duplicate checking is based on the contents of the photo, not the filename.

But the ones I’ve been trying to upload don’t have any photo’s on there, so there’s nothing to compare it to. Besides, you’re able to upload multiple photos.

Can you post a link to the photo here or email it to me?

It may have already been uploaded but not tagged with the aircraft in it, so it’s hard to find.

I can e-mail it if I have an address. I’m not seeing any way to e-mail it ont the forum, so if there’s a way, let me know, or give me an address. Basically though, I can’t upload anything. I’ve tried several different photos, and all get the same error, so I doubt that every picture I’m trying to upload is a duplicate, especially since none of them have photos uploaded already

You can email a few to my username at flightaware.