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Updating already uploaded photos

Can an already uploaded picture be overwritten? – If one tries to upload a file with a name that is identical to an already uploaded file, will there be an “alert”?

Reason for my question is that I recently discovered that FlightAware was using one of my pictures to represent a plane, which is nice, but I saw that the picture was not “up to my standards” anymore and if possible, I would like to re-process the image and upload a new and improved version.

If that could be done by simply overwriting the existing file, that would be great, but I don’t know that and I wanted to ask first…

(flickr, for example, let’s you upload the same picture as much as you want, with no interference from flickr whatsoever and this is not a good situation, if you lose track of what you have uploaded)

If you post two photos with identical file names, one possibly being re-processed to look better, both will show up. I had the same problem where I improved an image, accidentally uploaded both (one was in a different sub-directory) and they both showed up. I had to request one of them be deleted. As far as ‘replacing’ an image, maybe a staff member will check this post now.

You can upload a new one and request the old one be deleted in the photo deletion thread.

(“You can upload a new one and request the old one be deleted in the photo deletion thread.”)

…ok…(good to know)

…I uploaded a file yesterday showing a new plane – G-XLED – for which FlightAware did not have any picts (British Airways A380)…but the upload process did not “behave” nominally, so i could not add pertinent information…

I tried to cancel, which has always worked fine before in similar situations, but did not yesterday, so file was uploaded, but without information…when I tried to upload again I did get an alert which informed that file was already uploaded – and that answered my original question…you will get an alert if attempting to upload file which already exists in archive…

…anyway…I uploaded two images of G-XLED taken after sunset…a “first” for me…

Interesting, I’m not sure why I was able to post both of my images but if it does block duplicate file names that could be a good thing since it will prevent errors. On the other hand, if there was a ‘delete’ button, an improved image could be uploaded to replace an identical image already posted. Best thing is I guess, is to be careful and aware of what you upload and post.

Offhand (and I don’t work for FA), I’d say that the current way maintains data integrity in that the masses can’t arbitrarily alter what has been posted. Also, adding a ‘simple’ delete button can raise complexity exponentially and become a support and maintenance nightmare (Been there, done that, someone stole the T-shirt).

…yes, I agree with both of you… : )
…since FlightAware uses some images to represent planes, it’d be a problem if source for image(s) all of a sudden deleted it, but…
…it’d be nice if one could simply and quietly (upload) an improved version that automatically replaced previous image file…including one that was used to represent an aircraft…(and if that “improvement” did not meet with site approval they’d obviously be free to choose some other image file!)
…in my case, I just wanted to supply an improved version of a Virgin Atlantic jumbo…that’s all…I’m ok with all else (I think:))