Photo Upload Problem

To Flight Aware Staff:

Hi, I uploaded a photo that didn’t appear img_0658.jpg.

I then changed name of file image to N412BD.jpg, but it says it’s already uploaded.

What is the secret to loading a photo so that it shows up on our plane’s tracking page? Does the image name need to be the N number?

How do I delete a photo I uploaded?

Can you help? thanks!
Karen R

i had the same problem, you have to give them some strange name, there can only be 1 photo with a name, since each photo isnt unique to you, but every photo on the site share the same database.
he also was trying to delete a photo.

Did you get your photo upload issues resolved? We’ve changed the uploader since your post.

Same topic, different problem. The ‘Browse’ button does not appear when opening the ‘Upload Photos’ window. Any ideas?

What browser are you using? Do you have Flash 10 installed? Try installing the latest Flash.

You’re a star. Problem solved. Many thanks.