Problem with photo uploading.

When uploading photos, if the “Aircraft Type” box is empty and you enter the aircraft type in the box, when you finish and click the “Save Tags”, you get an error message that reads,

“Service Interruption, We’re sorry but Flight Aware has encountered an unrecoverable error”.

Also, when you start to type in the Airport, and it gives you a drop down list of airport codes, when you click the airport you are selecting, you get an error message that reads,

“You must type or select a valid airport code”

But if you type in the entire airport code and then click down to the description box, it lets it go through without giving the error message.

Or am I just doing something wrong?

I noticed this same error last night when I was uploading pictures trying to help mduell with some questions he had while trouble shooting the problem I brought up in my string “PHOTO TAGS: Airport dropdown isn’t working.

I attributed the error you speak of as result of that trouble shooting.

Bottomline is I think they are fixing the problem and the problem is with the “Tags” page.

You pictures are still being up loaded. You’ll just have to wait a bit to fill in the tags. You can still enter the N# though.

Hopefully the management will back me up on this. I could be totally barking up the wrong tree.

Being discussed here.