It's a little amusing

I just received an email from FlightAware telling me that…
“Congratulations, you’ve earned the Trusted friend endorsement on FlightAware. Display it proudly on your FlightAware profile.
You’ve earned the endorsement because you:
Has been a member for a year with at least one posted squawk or photo”.

Apart from “You has” :laughing: I have also proudly been a member since 2007!! Is that really just one year ago? Oh how time flies!!!

Oh well… this is the first time I have actually received an email like this from FlightAware and when I look, I seem to have quite a few endorsements over the years, none of which has generated an email. I got a laugh out of it anyway. :laughing:

There is no stopping me now!! I got another endorsement today :laughing: This time because I updated or added a business to an airport.
Hmmm… I wonder what business and where!? :laughing: