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Missing Outspoken Endorsement


Hi, I have been posting in discussions forum regurlarly but i never got my “Outspoken” endorsement. Does anyone know if I have to do anything else to get the endorsement?



I think that endorsement stopped working when the forum software was changed around August 2017.


its not a discussions.flightaware.com badge…

its an www.flightaware.com account endorsement.


Yes, realised that and had edited post but obviously not quickly enough :slightly_smiling_face:


You mean your user account? What do you need it for, if not in the discussion forum?


do anybody knows how to earn “Outspoken” endorsement :thinking:


Maybe you’ll have to ask someone from FA directly. Apparently there had been problems with this in the past.

Did not know these existed, but I have it…

Granted probably long before the forum software change…


I’ve never received it either.
All the ones I have seen with it, I think, date from before the forum software change.
I think the endorsement is broken :slightly_frowning_face:


@beikerc , you are the lucky one to get outspoken endorsement.


There are several other discussions available complaining about outspoken endorsement
look - Outspoken???


Just asking, but are badges / endorsements that important to you?


Good question. At 71 my competence is long proven. But Pi is a new topic and I thirst for knowledge. So, once you get active and curious, badges follow. I have to admit, once they started coming, I wore the badges proudly. Even read their description and modified my normal behavior to get more, faster. And will close noting that other discussions where I participate offer them also. It’s what some have called, ‘the game within the game!’


Had you addressed me as @billbresl, you would have added another badge to your collection! But, who’s counting?


Well maybe if he stops complaining about his missing “Outspoken Endorsement” and rather requests the FA Staff to remove all the stolen pictures he uploaded to the photo gallery, and also ask them to remove the badges he “earned” for the stolen photos, things might go better. One does not do anything & everything to get badges and endorsements, especially not steal them. Just my opinion.


hello @VivPike stolen photos are automatically get deleted by FlightAware. By the way what about your photos :thinking:


Stolen photos do not get automatically deleted. They need to be reported (with facts) before FA will delete them. And what about my photos?


If I may paraphrase @VivPike: FFS guys, get a life.