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Flight Aware lack of information

After spending hundreds of hours, I’m amazed at the almost complete lack of comprehensible information to allow a Pi to be set up and viewable remotely. I managed to use etcher, to format an SD card, I can see it locally at but not at the IP address that I can use remotely. I am shocked and disappointed at Flight Aware’s failure to provide logical comprehensible guides or tutorials. In particular, they is no explanation of Putty, Dump1090, or tthe need if required to plug in a screen and keyboard to the Raspberry pi. It begs the question, why cannot an sd card be copied and used with just minor changes to the WiFi user name and password, which is poorly explained or detailed by Flight Aware.
I’ve never been able to get a Raspberry Pi working on the wifi connection, and each time end up having to run very long cables that i cannot do in this location.

It has nothing to do with Flight Aware. It is a basic networking issue. You need to configure your router to pass traffic to the RPi.


If you want to expose a PiAware/SkyAware to the internet, that’s out of scope of the PiAware documentation that FlightAware provides. It’s not a function that we provide out of the box. It is certainly possible to do, but you will need to set it up yourself.

I would be cautious about exposing SkyAware to the internet at large without first understanding the security implications of doing so.

If you do want to go ahead with that, these forums have a lot of information about how to do that type of thing, and many helpful people who can get you pointed in the right direction. You will need to, at least, provide a clear description of what it is you’re running (hardware, software) and what it is you’re trying to achieve.


What’ wrong with good ol’ coax cables and LNA? Why you are installing the whole Pi remote?

To expose any internal ip address to the internet one has to forward an arbitrary port at the router to a local ip address and port. This is done on your router’s admin page. In my case I forwarded (wildcard ip) and port 63287 to (RPi) 192.168.60.x:8080. In addition I required a login at the router as a security measure. When away from home one can access the home system from a browser by entering 123.456.654.321:12345 (home internet ip address and forwarded port).

On Thursday of last week we started a new project that will allow users to view their device’s SkyAware remotely. This is not a small effort and will take some time.


this is good news for those of us that are linux/router challenged. thanks for always being so responsive.

This is great!
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Please see this guide, it may help



Some how you have failed to use your time profitably.

Accessing a Pi remotely has been discussed several times, as has coping SD card (although it usually isn’t quicker than starting with a clean install and coping the config file across).

The internet is full of ‘beginner level tutorials’, but is you search “putty” here, you get more hits than the forum can be bothered counting.

As for the “need” to plug a screen an keyboard in - you don’t. Everything can be setup on the SD card before it is plugged into the Pi.