Flight aware going political?


Really disappointed to see flight aware either supporting, endorsement or allowing political advertising for the Democratic President on the front page of otherwise a great product. Unfortunate and sad.


To the fainting couch!!! Clutching your pearls!!! Not for the Democrat!!! Not that!!!


I don’t believe that FlightAware has control over the contents of the ads. In any case, it’s doubtful that FlightAware endorses any, if not all, of the ads.


You can thank google ads and where you have been browsing for the particular ad’s you are seeing.


Can you clarify what you mean by the front page? flightaware.com should always be a Breitling ad in the upper right and a FlightAware mobile apps ad in the lower left.

We may have some networks providing political ads, both national and regional, on other pages. We don’t endorse any candidate or ballot measure.


Even beyond what Mark said, not only do we not endorse any candidates or measures, but we do not review the content of advertisements or exercise any editorial control over political advertisements.


What I think is as equally sad, is I fear that now you will have to post some sort of disclaimer on the main site or any other FA page saying this every election year… especially now, with politics polarizing this country like no tomorrow.



Just happy the elections are over… three political phone calls/messages per day on average for me.



And I also don’t have to hear all of the complaints from people who don’t understand how google ads works. :smiley: Seems no matter what discussion forum I visit before the election, there are people throwing a fit because the site “endorses” the candidate they don’t like. 99% of the time it’s ads they have zero control over and are probably sent to the recipient because of their browsing history.