Flight Aware API Search and Scheduled Method


I want to inquire two things about the FlightAware API as they are not mentioned in the API Documentation.

First when we perform a search query with an origin and destination passed in the query we do get flights between the two airports however the scheduled flights for that day between the two airports are not returned. I am not sure but my understanding is that we just get flights that are “In Air”. Is there any way we can get scheduled flights between the two airports by performing a simple search between two airports ?

Also, if we call the “Scheduled” method of the API to get the flights coming to some destination we are flooded with information providing us the international flights as well approaching that airport. Is there any way we can get only Regional Flights data rather than getting all the flights with this method ?



By default the “Search” function returns only flights that are currently in air. (in effect, it assumes that “-inAir 1” is specified as part of the Search query string). You can optionally specify “-inAir 0” as a part of the Search query string, which will return flights that are NOT in the air and includes future and past flights, but the time range is still limited to about a day or so with that function.

If you care only about the published flight schedules and not about actual status, you can use the AirlineFlightSchedules function to find out those flights between two airports.

You will need to do such filtering of results in your code. International vs domestic is not a characteristic that we distinguish.