Schedule flights between to airports



is there a method to get all scheduled flights between two airports? The only way I found is to fetch all outgoing flights from the origin airport and filter the results afterwards.




Is this what you want?

It does show enroute and completed flights but the scheduled flights are at the top of the list.


Looks like FlightXML doesn’t have that. Your workaround is the only way currently. It might be possible with a Birdseye query but it’s not ideal.

I will make sure this makes it into a future release of FlightXML2.



@rw812: yes, that’s more less what I want.

I’ve looked at SearchBirdseyeInFlight. I guess with requests like

"{false inAir} {false arrived} {= orig FOO} {= dest BAR}"

I could query all scheduled flights, but the result doesn’t contain the departure time. Is that what you mean with not optimal?




Yeah, exactly. :-/


Did this ever get implemented. I have a real need to be able to do what the website does as far as looking for flight between airports and any connecting flights.


Not yet, unfortunately. However, as a workaround you can still use “SearchBirdseyeInFlight” as you described above. When you see a flight that you are possibly interested in knowing the filed_departuretime of, take note of its ident and faFlightID… then use “FlightInfoEx” to query for the ident and look for the row with the matching faFlightID and you can take the filed_departuretime from that result. Obviously if you’re doing this to scan for the same routes repeatedly, you can keep a cache or local database of faFlightID’s that you have already looked up the filed_departuretimes of so that you can avoid requesting them again.