Scheduled Routes Between Airports?



I recently signed up to use the FlightXML API service. I’m curious if it’s possible to retrieve all scheduled departures between two airports. With this, I also need to return the scheduled flight route.

If someone could help me with this (using PHP), I’d much appreciate it.


You can use the “AirlineFlightSchedules” function to retrieve published schedules between the origin and destination airport of your choice, for flights up to several months in the future. The “Search” function can also be used to find flights between an origin and destination, but only for flights within about 24 hours of the current time.

The precise flight route (waypoints, jetroutes, navaids, etc) is not known for a flight until the flightplan is entered into the ATC system, which is usually only an hour or two prior to the flight’s departure. But once you know the flight idents that you are interested in (by using the previous methods), you can use FlightInfoEx with the corresponding ident, and looking at its results for the flight on the correct day, to get the flight route.