Flight Aware and Alaska Time Zone


Flight Aware seems to think that Alaska is in the same time zone as Canada’s Yukon Territory. It’s not. Right now, with DST in effect, AK time is Z-8 hours, while in the Yukon it’s Z-7. The Yukon is in the same Pacific time zone as the US west coast. Back in 1975 it used to be in the Z-8 time zone, but that was a while ago . . .

Interestingly, the Lotus Notes email software I use at work also thinks that AK time = Yukon time. But my colleagues in the Yukon know better when we try to schedule conference calls!


The problem with the time zone for alaska showing as alaska/yukon still hasn’t been fixed.

I see if you ask for flight log history there is an explanation that times are supposed to be shown as local to avoid problems crossing time zones. The alaska/yukon TZ problem needs be addressed so Air North Canada flight times show correctly.

On a different problem my profile says to use local time but all flight tracking and logs keep appearing in GMT. Strange. I guess it doesn’t like Alaska.


Same here for me in Guam.

For the record we’re UTC +10 no DST…ever.