flighaware magic explanation requested and 1 question


My piaware has been acting up again as the weather is getting warmer here. The PI would not boot anymore. SO I decided to reimage my SDCArd with a fresh piaware image. (I had been running piaware as a package on a raspbian for while with some mutability install in the mean time).

So I imaged the SD Card, climbed in the attic to restart the PI (which did right away :slight_smile: ). Then I guessed the image would use DHCP, to pickup an IP, and get things started (until I configure back my credentials). And magically, the new image connected and started reported on my account. How did this happen? the LAN Mac is used as an ID and once claimed does not required identification anymore?

The question is : how do I activate SSH on my install wihtout actually plugging a keyboard and a screen to the pi and configure SSH access ?


The answer to your first question is HERE.
I do not think it is possible to get SSH access, unless you had created a blank file named “ssh” (without the quotes) in the root directory of your SD card.

Yes, for older feeders. It doesn’t do that for new feeders, because it made it hard to change hardware or run multiple instances on one host etc.

Thank for the help, and now one new questions and a remark on the forum seach function. I have added a SSH file to the sd root, and am able to open a SSH connection to the pi.

1/ What is the default img user/password combination that can be used to connected via SSH ← found the answer to that question

2/ while searching for the above answer I found out that I can search for SSH or password, but searching for ssh password returns the following error :

You don’t have permission to access /search.php on this server.

Which seems a bit unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:


user login for SSH is “pi” without the quotes and password is “flightaware” again without the quotes.