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First Impressions FlightFeeder


Lots of room for improvement folks. Really fun so far though.

On radio gain settings I am seeing clipped signals. When I change the slider to any value all my signals go away. If it takes a minute to give feedback then provide a animated sixty second countdown or something. Please – I just give up and assume it’s broken and set it back to MAX and reboot. Not enough patience to fiddle with code that has not enough respect to let the consumer know what’s going on.

Also - on the case design… really? Did someone completely forget there was a filter? Hide that stuff. Better yet – let all the wires come in from the back and let us mount the display on a wall like a small photo, with all the wiring hidden. Great conversation piece to have the case in a neutral brown or grey or silver and having it look very high tech and fit in with the wall. Free advertising too when people come over and ask about it!

edit: I am running an Orange FF box, Skyview shows “3.6.3~bpo8+1.”


Interesting that you found major fault with the system within an hour of turning it on.

There are thousands of FlightFeeders installed around the world and it seems that most are doing a sterling job and have not needed fiddling.

Do you normally get something new and adjust it before even seeing what it will do as it came out of the box.

Again, there are thousands running the same code around the world. Why do you think it needs to be altered?

I can understand if you purchased the Flightfeeder you have an expectation that it will work but if it needs code rewritten or adjustment then it is possibly faulty and you should consider returning it for a refund.

I don’t think it was ever intended to be the centrepiece of your lounge room décor and is often mounted close to the antenna to ensure better performance through lower coax loss.

I often have the Skyview image displayed on the TV in the family room which visitors often find of interest to see all the comings and goings from the local airports. A 70" TV with all the aircraft within a 200NM range being displayed in real time is often quite impressive.

I know you are impatient but I suggest you set it back to defaults and leave it run for a few days so you can see how well it is actually performing. Maybe you don’t need to adjust the gain or rewrite the code.


  1. You didn’t specify what FF you have. There are several models (at least two current), depending of the part of the world you are living. For example, in US I have received the Orange FF (7.9.2~bpo8+1). You seem to be located in Texas, so I assume you got the orange one too.
  2. FF are free. As such, you are not a “customer”, because that would imply that you had paid for something. “Volunteer” might be better description.
  3. My FF “Gain Adjust” works fine. Set gain apply, wait a few sec (go back one level) and the number will populate again. I had to reduce my gain a lot because I have installed the antenna remotely, with an amplifier - but obviously it worked.
  4. The provided filter is not mandatory to use. Some locations need it, some are better without.
  5. You can use as a display any tablet that is connected to your WiFi (and has a browser). Access the FF IP page.

  1. I have an orange box model and according to the upper right info on SkyView it’s running 3.6.3~bpo8+1 dump1080.
  2. I agree with your classification as “volunteer.” I recognize too FlightAware is a business and is not giving away products just for fun. They have have a financial incentive to do well and harness the communities enthusiasm not dampen it. I hope the experience of using Flightfinder and interacting with others doing the same would be positive. I posted my first impressions with the thought that perhaps the developers of the program would want to improve the product and experience of their volunteers. I still presume that.
  3. Full gain was working with clipping. My point is that when changing the gain settings to a manual setting I can get the clipping to stop but that the whole process seems very time consuming and confusing.
  4. Yes, good ideas about a tablet. Am working at a local Makerspace and we are considering applying for a unit there too and are brainstorming about the best way to feature the displays when people walk in the facility since there are many nice looking options.


Are you one of the developers?

The gain setting was causing clipping which is why I changed it. In changing it I observed the process was clunky. Do you have a hard time accepting that and feel you need to shoot the messenger? It is what it is.

I don’t appreciate your attitude and need to correct me perhaps just as much you don’t like me criticizing features of a free unit. The difference is that while I take your questioning of my motives personally you have no reason to do the same with my questions of the design of the software and hardware.

Good day sir.