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Flightfeeder does not work

Today the installation,Flightfeeder does not work.DUMP1090 does not seem to be running.

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Antenna and Ethernet are working properly, How should I do?

It does appear to be running, but dump1090 and FlightAware aren’t receiving any data. Are you certain that the antenna connections are good and that the antenna is located in a place with line of sight to the sky?

Do you have an HDMI TV or display that you can plug in to your FlightFeeder to get additional debug data from it?

I connected the antenna to the Flightradar24BOX, it is working properly,So I know it is good.
I’ll test at HDMI Tv tomorrow.How to get additional debugging data?

Looks like a glitch on our side. How’s it look now?

Hello, im having the same problem, my feeder is not getting any data, when i plugit to a monitor i got all green but the radio one is red.

i unplug everything and plug it back, but still no getting any planes.

Please help.


Looks like you were in the range of serial #s that had to wait for the software update as well…how’s it look?

Now work properly

it was working, but i rebooted the unit from the website and i think is not working again. I can see in the stats page that im “offline” but the unit is on.

It seemed to stop again…After the reboot

Should be fixed now – sorry, we’re ironing out a few kinks that should be fixed soon.

Still the same, not getting any data. :cry:


Now im getting some planes, but the data is not constant, i get data on intervals of 1sec - 1 min nothing - 1sec - 5 to 10 min nothing then i get data again.

At the status flightaware page i still look like if i were offline.

Please let me know if i can do something in here to help you.


No collecting any data, can u do the trick again please.


Last Seen: Today - about 10 hours ago…
Even in its work,The plane display unusually less, and soon disappeared.

We’re working on fixing the glitches on connectivity in the newest version of FlightFeeders. How’s it look now?

Use 192.168.1.XX,You can see the 3-5 plane,But the use of the same antenna,flightradar24 can receive 20-30 plane…

Is it a range/distance issue? Or can you notice any pattern to the problem?

In the past minutes still having non continuous reception, also planes look closer in the local dump1090 page.
Right now it stoped working. i can see a the plane very near me and the feeder is not getting any data.

It looks like this.But even in short distance,The aircraft display unusual less.