First B787 in ANA colours rolls out

Caught this at Flightglobal this morning. Looks good, but ANA’s scheme looks a bit short on the plane. Anyone have an idea when ZA001 is supposed to have its first flight? ZA002 is supposed to follow a couple of weeks after.


I’m curious why the plane is in ANA colors if the plane will not be delivered to ANA. Also, I wonder if NW’s 787s will be painted in DL colors.

Publicity shots. ANA is the launch customer and it would be great publicity for them to have actual photos (as opposed to airbrushed photos) of their newest aircraft.

Watching the video of it emerge from the paint booth is like watching paint dry. :smiling_imp:

Funny thing is, though…

None of the B787 customers are slated to receive the first 6 aircraft, so you may be right with the publicity shots.

One of the bloggers over at FlightGlobal has an idea of what they should do with the first 6. I rather like it: … s-two.html

I’d say the Dash 80 and 737 would look nice on it, though the 757 stripes would be okay. But definitely the Dash 80 and 737.


:laughing: That’s funny!!! :laughing: