AF-KLM design look for the 787


Its Air France into KLM or what???

Just a good joke on design work:

Sorry if the General Forum is not the place, but it just for fun! 8)

How about DL-NW merger with this perspective?


! Will the colors and all change like that on the tarmac only or also in flight :wink: ?


This design look was ordered by AF-KLM, in early 2007, for the new B787. Lila design worked on it, and also they sent me a copy.

The colors cannot change on the tarmac or also in flight, i wish that possible! :smiley: 8)

Anyways…AF-KLM should apply these colors to a few of their aircrafts, to emphasis the merger, also would be very nice! :smiley:


Chameleon airlines in the making??? :laughing: :laughing:


And now you can imagine something on this, about DL-NW merger.

If the guys from ATL or MSP won’t order it, maybe i will just for fun, to my friends from Lila design! 8)