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FindFlight by Callsign and date

just getting started using the APIa,d a bit curious on how to search effectively for specific flights.

I usually identify a flight by date and callsign; optionally adding departure airport and exact off-block time.
Is it possible to search for specific flights in FlightXML using the same or similar identifiers?

Another way I’d like to search is by airline and date. For example to be able to look up all arrived flights from Airline X within the last 24 hours.

I would prefer to use API version 3 since Restful is easier to work with.

But how do I perform such searches (even if I have to use version 2)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

FlightXML normally usedsthe faFlightID as a unique flight identifier. Endpoints like FlightXML2::FlightInfoEx and FlightXML3::FlightInfoStatus will return this value when searching by callsign/ident. If this value isn’t known yet then many endpoints that accept an faFlightID in the ident field can use the format ident@departuretime to retrieve a specific flight. The departure time should be in epoch seconds and can be the block or runway time.