Is searching by flight ident working?

which is the correct way of searching a flight by flight ident. Right now we are following the documentation and there is no results for flight Ryanair 6337 (RYR6337 / FR6337).

PS: Searches using the “LIVE FLIGHT TRACKING” feature return results.

Thanks in advance

Are you using FlightXML 2 or 3? What information are you querying for?

We are using FlightXML 2. We are trying to retrieve the flight(s) that are scheduled to depart by given flight ident (full or partial).

Are you looking for just schedules? For schedules, you can use the AirlineFlightSchedule call. If you want actual flight time information, you can use FlightinfoEx. It is preferable to use ICAO (3 letter) codes.

We have a feature to search for a flight by a given (full or partial) identifier. The search results should contain information if the flight is currently in the air or when it is the next time it is scheduled to depart. What’s the correct way of doing that since the Search function returns only airborne flights?

For a given flight, you should get a flightid and then you can search flightinfoex for that flightid and get the information you are looking for.

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