FIM's … erafashion

Who remembers the FIM? Flight Interuption Manifest. I remember back in the day like the article says, if BA was overbooked they would “Protect” their pax onto the later KL flight through AMS. I also remember while my old man worked for NW knowing pax would be put on flights at a later time…or another carrier to get them out.

UGH, I remember em! Thank god the INVOL that came along after the handrwritten tickets came to us smaller regional airports. The INVOL pretty much took the place as it would issue a whole new ticket w/ an “INVOL” fare, and you could change the route as much as needed.

Prior to that though, the handrwritten FIM, was a nightmare, and they costed the company so much more than an INVOL . If you’re at an airport like mine where you didn’t neccesarily use them every day, and being a regional airline with decent turnover, you had agents who never filled them out correctly.Also the number 2 worst thing to do in all of airline buisiness, write out a FIM for a flight that used the same carrier the whole way, and with exception to the connection point, was the same route (Origin/destination), because in that case, you must invol reroute rule 240 the original tickets and that carrier would take it as is! Oh that made the accounters mad!!

Of course however, for example if the original route was SPI STL DCA (TW), and we rerouted the pax on SPI ORD (UA) and ORD DCA (AA) …


Thanks for the post, I feel like it’s 1997 again and I’m writing a memo on when and when not to write a FIM!! Thanks for the flashback!