Filter available on Arrivals/departures/etc screens

I just noticed this line above the arrivals/departures/enroute to/scheduled departures screens

Filters: (Airline) (General Aviation) (All)

Did I miss the announcement on this? It’s great new addition!

You mean like the big red link on the top for the past few days?

It’s not red. Am talking about when you click “(more)” there’s a filter for airlines, general aviation, and all aircraft.

Filters: (Airline) (General Aviation) (All)
(Next 50)
Arrivals: Van Nuys Airport (Van Nuys, CA) [KVNY]
Ident Type Origin Departure
Time Arrival
N93PJ C421 Brackett Field (KPOC) Fri 13:34 PDT Fri 14:01 PDT

It’s gone now, but there used to be one of those red announcement links at the top of the main page, and it was there for the past few days.