Any way to filter out Unknown departure times

Sometimes when looking at busy airports, on the Enroute/Scheduled to Arrive section, I page through several screens until I find the first flights that are confirmed to be enroute with a departure time. Is there currently a way to filter out the flights with a departure time of “unknown”, or is that something we could see down the road?

This is really minor, but I was just curious. Thanks, I really enjoy this site!

Click on the scheduled departure time or departure time to sort the column. This moves them out of the way, although they will still show.

Click once to sort one way. Click again to sort the other way.

That is a good suggestion and I will use it. The only thing is that by sorting on departure time you lose the original sort which is by scheduled arrival time, which is good to have when looking at flights that are enroute. It would be nice to have an option to limit the list.

Open a second window or tab with the original sort.

You can also click on the enroute link again to bring back the original sort