Ability to remove flights from En Route/Scheduled Departures


Would it be an achievable add-on to add the ability for a user to “remove” (or not display) flights listed from the en route or scheduled departures form an airport’s page? The reason would be the routes that are international that have already departed still show as “scheduled departures” thus clogging the list. I don’t know about anyone else but this bugs me.


yeah i agree on this. in a sense…is there any way to take off daily flights, or amend it so that they arent on there automatically…clogging up everything?


ECU, I am surprised that you have yet to tell the OP that this belongs in the feature requests section. :laughing:


Funny, but mildly inflammatory. I give it a 4! :laughing:


We’re working on another way to clean up the scheduled to/scheduled departures boards.


For what it’s worth (maybe $0.05), I think getting rid of the daily flights is a low priority when compared to getting maps that can be zoomed. But I can see how it could annoy others.


Well, damiross I don’t see where it stated this was a priority…?

Thanks for the response, mduell


Just giving an opinion. I didn’t say it was stated as a priority.


If you are looking to differentiate between GA and Airline flights, there are links to filter out one or the other at the top of every flight list… Many airline flights are regularly scheduled.


Ah, I get what you mean now. Simple misunderstanding :slight_smile:


Hi there mduell, do you have any idea when will this be uploaded to the main page? (like an aproximate date or something)

Thanks! :wink:


Monday is scheduled to be the final day of testing, so I expect to deploy it Tuesday night, but it may be later in the week.


Oh that’s really nice, thanks a lot mduell! 8)


Did this update in fact get done ?

What is supposed to be different (sched deps) ?


No, currently on hold. Testing didn’t go quite as planned.


Story of my life :blush:


The fix is in; last night we pushed 1.5 months worth of work into production.
Among other things, scheduled departures boards should be a bit cleaner now.


So far, so good! Thanks, staff!