How can find flight re-schedule times for departure&arrivals

How can I find/display original flight departure time and re-scheuduled time for a flight in an airport? Also cancelled flights?

In general, the filed_departuretime returned by FlightInfoEx will match the originally scheduled departure time of the flight as long as the flight is operated using the original flight plan and it is not delayed so long that the flight requires cancelling it and filing again.

However, if a new flight plan ends up being created with the new time (such as because of equipment problems or massive weather cancellations), then the airline will generally still operate the flight using the original flight’s ident but with a new filed_departuretime that is not the originally scheduled time at all. In this case it is not straight-forward to know that this has occurred.

You can use the AirlineFlightSchedules function to look up the details about the originally scheduled flight based on the ident, origin, destination, and departure date.