Scheduled Departures not correct...


Going to ORD to look at SCHEDULED DEPARTURES, and when I click “more,” it lists more scheduled departures. However, I can not get them to sort at all. They start with tomorrow’s departures and the last page has the next scheduled departures time wise. Why doesn’t it show the next scheduled departures on the first page? :unamused:


The flights shown are the latest one first. If you click “more,” then click on “departure” time then click it again, it will show the flights with the earliest one first.


Why is there this step? Why not just default it to show this?

Also, thats still not what I want. That shows the departures. I want MORE of the SCHEDULED departures to be there with the latest ones last. :confused:


It’s the same principle!
There’s others who want the default to be operator or aircraft or whatever. Just remember - this is a free service for users. Don’t complain because it’s not exactly how you like it.


If we sort scheduled departures by earliest first, the top of the list will be hours old plans that are either very delayed or duplicates and unused plans that will never fly.
If we sort scheduled departures by latest first, the top of the list will be plans that won’t fly for a few hours.