Departures only after clicking "More"


My specific example is today (June 30th), I’ve been waiting for a specific plane to leave the Cessna plant from KIDP. All day, the only departures on the ‘main’ KIDP page are from very late last night. After thinking the flight must be delayed, it’s not even showing up as scheduled, I finally clicked “More” and a bunch of newer flights showed up above the four on the main page. What’s the deal? How does the site choose which ones to show and why not fill all ten blanks before having to click “more?” There are only four filled in…



It sounds like you didnt refresh your screen. Were you seeing any activity at all?


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Is it an IFR or a VFR flight? FA only shows IFR flights since VFR flights are MUCH harder to track. See FAQ for all your questions. Thank you


I’ve refreshed and checked from multiple computers at multiple times. Try it now for KIDP and tell me what you see…


Thanks for the welcome. The specific plane is a delivery flight, she’s on and IFR flight plan. (N824HA) If I go there now it still doesn’t show up and neither to all of the ER (I believe Riddle) deliveries either…


For curiousity’s sake, i looked at KIDP’s tracking page, and it seems that all flights listed are from thursday. If you click on “more” it list all flights from thurdsay and previous, plus flight for Friday also. Refresh doesn’t help.

“more” does list your plane and all ER’s.


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mmlowe - Just an FYI, if you know the N-number and that person is flying IFR, all you have to do is track that particular N-number but putting it in the “Flight/Tail #” Flight Tracker box…(see to the left of here on your screen). That screen auto updates.

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OK… I know the tail number now after clicking “more.”

I know all of the functionality involved to find what I’m looking for, but thank everyone for posting the links. My question is specifically why are no departures from today showing on the main KIDP page. There have been 5 since the last one that shows up on the* main page*.


My personal favorite answer to a question like that is “because they can.”


Now there have been 9 departures today (Friday) from KIDP, and the webpage only shows 2 that are both from yesterday… Are other airports this far behind?


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We’ve seen this bug before (departures or arrivals board doesn’t match the expanded board) and we thought we fixed it. I guess we’ll have to look into it again.


Looks like a bug because the N-Numbers are new.


Than I guess this particular airport will be one of the ‘buggiest’ in the country. Thanks for looking into it :smiley:


It does exactly the same thing at other airports too, BFI, SEA and RNT being examples.

It happens with arrivals, sched arrivals, depts and sched depts. The summary screens are useless. They very very rarely show the real picture - you have to click the expanded version to find that out. Also, scheduled departures won’t show in the summary box if the scheduled departure time has passed. You have to go in to the expanded version to see that.

There are quite a few other glitches too but as replies to messages sent to the team are non-existant then I won’t bother wasting my time listing them.


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Which would you have them do, make the repairs or respond to every PM they receive complaining of glitches?

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